More of D. J. Reed's Work

When DJ Kelly and her three fellow Seattle art gallery owners open their doors one morning, they don't expect to find a dead body on the floor. Who could this young woman be? And why has someone stabbed her to death and then ransacked their gallery? DJ's talkative inner voice doesn't have a clue, nor do her BFFs--Nita Marie, Jo, and Bobbie. None of their artwork seems to be missing. Maybe a framed photograph of a famous terrorist attack that apparently slipped under the copy machine during the burglary might hold a clue. Is this photograph a clue to the murder in their gallery? DJ isn't certain, but when a jaded, know-it-all detective belittles her capabilities and those of her pals, DJ convinces her friends that they should take matters into their own hands--and four new crime fighters are born.

Seattle senior citizen, DJ Kelly, and her three best friends—co-owners of the Waterfront Art Gallery—are detecting again. Despite an insistent internal voice that chides her for her risky adventures, DJ is hot on the trail of another murderous adventure. Her friend, Darlene, a nurse at a local hospital is trying to find a troubled young man who seems to have disappeared from the emergency room without a trace. Darlene has received a cryptic phone call from the boy and turns to her friend DJ to help her find him. The four “old ladies,” fling themselves into the search and soon find they are in serious jeopardy. Can they find the young man and unravel the mystery of his disappearance? Has he had a mental breakdown? Has he been drugged and kidnapped? Or is he just pretending? The answer lies somewhere in the genes—and in this case, they’re GENES FOR A KILLER.

When DJ Kelly and her fellow senior citizen partners at the Waterfront Art Gallery in downtown Seattle take a vacation in Cannon Beach, Oregon, they did not plan on once again being in trouble with the law. Thanks to Jo’s dog, Riley, who digs up a skeletal hand and a mysterious box of rocks buried in the beach, they find themselves involved in a murder and the theft of millions of dollars of missing diamonds. It turns out everyone is searching for the diamonds—including a member of the Belgian police, the dead man’s sister, a lawyer, two inept thieves and any number of the local police department. What happened to the diamonds? What does a box of rocks have to do with the murder and the diamond theft? Can they find where the diamonds are hidden or are they lost forever? DJ and her friends are determined to find out. The answers must lie in the mysterious box of rocks—or do they?