Newest Releases: By D. J. Reed

D. J. Reed is busy working on a new series "McKenna York Mysteries."

When DJ Kelly and her fellow senior citizen partners at the Waterfront Art Gallery in downtown Seattle take a vacation in Cannon Beach, Oregon, they did not plan on once again being in trouble with the law. Thanks to Jo’s dog, Riley, who digs up a skeletal hand and a mysterious box of rocks buried in the beach, they find themselves involved in a murder and the theft of millions of dollars of missing diamonds. It turns out everyone is searching for the diamonds—including a member of the Belgian police, the dead man’s sister, a lawyer, two inept thieves and any number of the local police department. What happened to the diamonds? What does a box of rocks have to do with the murder and the diamond theft? Can they find where the diamonds are hidden or are they lost forever? DJ and her friends are determined to find out. The answers must lie in the mysterious box of rocks—or do they?

About The Author

D. J. Reed retired after many years working as an emergency room nurse. After retirement and several months of reflection, she decided to make a new life for herself and started writing mystery novels.  She was lucky enough to have her first three books published by Cozy Cat Press (The Art Gallery Mystery Series) and is now working on a new series (McKenna York Mysteries). All are comedic mysteries with a little romance thrown in for McKenna. She presently lives in the Northwest near her three children and four grown grandchildren.

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